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    I'm underground yesterday on the subway, and lo-and-behold, an SMS comes in. Huh? I think. Poke around on the phone a bit, and realize that it is in "roaming mode" (I use Sprint) although I have the 700p set to alert me before making voice/data transmissions while roaming, since I'd incur extra charges. (Never happened with the 650 because I had roaming turned completely off, I guess) Sent some SMS out, just to test, and all worked, were received by the other party, and acknowledge just moments after sending, just like normal.

    Should I expect roaming charges?
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    Let me just add to this. While in Canada I was roaming. I was able to send text messages while roaming. Of course my first thoughts would be a huge bill. I then called *2 and asked if I was going to get charges while roaming and sending text. They explained to me that as long as I have a sms/text plan I was not going to be charged.
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    well i know with sprint now roaming is included in the plans for free, at least on the plan that i have wich is the 300 anytime minutes with unlimeted free incoming

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