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    I've had this for a while so I dont remember the brand but was purchased at Fry's at the Ipod section. I saw a similar one at Walgreens that's made by iSound. It's powered by USB cable and has an option for 4 AAA batteries so it's very portable. You can also plug it into the wall with the use of a USB to AC adapter. Also uses standard 3.5mm plug as most universal music docks so you will need an adapter for it to fit your Treo headset jack. It doesn't charge the Treo however. But I'm sure that can be modified if your electronically savvy. As far as sound, this thing is pretty loud. Anyone I've shown it to is pretty impressed. This also folds up for easy storage which also protects the speaker when folded. Below is an Amazon link which shows how the thing looks when folded. I think they're all made by one manufacturer and other company rebrands them since I've seen atleast 3 different brands but look exactly identical. Including the one on Amazon. I definitely recommend this one if you're looking for a cheap music/video dock.
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    That looks awesome! Its 14.99 now on Amazon...were you including shipping?
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    I bought mine at Fry's Electronics for $19.99. Walgreens also carries them. The one on Amazon was just an example I used since I didn't have a picture of it folded. You can also find them in black although hard to find. I found this out way after I bought it.
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    I just got 1 for $10 at Bed, Bath and Beyond (now I know what that means).
    Not bad, decent sound.

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