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    I've twice had an episode where the Treo 650, sitting quietly in my holster, has taken it upon itself to call 911 on its own. I have confidential information on my Treo and must use the password protection feature to protect my Treos data, but a consequence of this is the display of the large "Make Emergency Call" button which presumably is being pressed accidentally in my holster.

    Has anyone figured out a solution to this other than a third party security program?
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    When I lock my phone and then press any button, I still have to press the "Make Emergency Call". Even when I press it, it doesnt dial anything...I have to dial a number. How is your case doing that?
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    When I get that screen, if I push "Make Emergency Call", it automatically dials 911 (actually displays the words "Emergency Call"). I assume the sequence in my holster is that one of the main buttons gets pushed, then the center button, then the screen at the location of the "Make Emergency Call" button. Obviously, this doesn't happen very often, but the fact that it happens at all is quite distressing.

    I have the unlocked Treo 650 from Palm, for what it's worth.

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