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    so I am travelling and decided not to bring my laptop and use my VZ 700p instead. the known problem: I used my first battery in a couple of hours with several calls and chatteremail and web surfing. I have read the many threads about this. but what is the bottom line? is there a solution that really works? I even used a musanger (?) extended life battery! should we just all buy 2 or 3 batteries and carry them around all day? ridiculous!
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    I use chattermail manually when I want to check my mail. This saves battery but many need their push or autosync. Mine ussually lasts a day and I plug it in at night.
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    I carry the Seidio 2400 mAh battery, and have my car charger when in the rental car.
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    I have Chatter online (push email) all the time. By the end of a normal day (i.e. 10pm) I usually still have 30% left with my Seido 2400 mAh (Extended) battery.

    However, our Treo uses more juice if it has to flip-flop between 1xRTT and EV-DO. The worse case is if your cell coverage comes in and out as you travel. Understanding that it's difficult to keep an eye on the unit to take note of the status of the coverage when you travel, you may want to 'feel' your unit from time to time. If it's getting hot, you'd better switch off the radio (phone mode) for a while. Alternatively you can set up your Chatter to QSync when you're not stationery at one place.
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