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    I am new to the POS with my 700p, I was using a various models of the Dell Axim running the Windows OS's.

    Do programs run in the background on the POS? I thought the way I understood it is only one program runs at a time.

    I want to install some apps but don't want to slow down the palm if possible.

    Programs like KeyGuardTime+, KeyCaps and LedOff, do they run in the back ground and will they cause a performace hit?

    What about programs like ChatterMail+?

    Thanks for any input. Just trying to understand a little more before I go crazy with apps.

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    Chattermail runs in the background fetching email for a true push email feature, i used keyguard,keycaps, and chattermail and never had any problems with it, i also use toccer wich is a AIM client that runs in the background also and its free, now led off, never used it, since the 700p from sprint doesnt have a flashing led from the factory. but you shouldnt have any problems with any of those programs,
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    Thanks for the fast reply.

    But for other apps, do they close when you open another. I have a couple astraware games installed like Bowling and Sudoku and the there is no exit for these games, so if I just hit the Home button does that close the app? The reason I ask is if I go back into the game it is right where I left off. I don't want it running in the background and taking up resources.

    By the way Sudoku does not even close with the Home button, you have to click the Option then Shift button to bring up the Find box and then you can click the Home button.

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    POS does not multitask. Database files are created by apps to store user info such as where you left off. In general, well written apps DO NOT take up resources when you switch to another app.

    For everyone that have a hard time exiting apps that hijack hardware keys, try opt+home to go to native launcher.
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    i think out of all the games i have on my 700p Bejewled is the only one that once you press the home hey and it takes you out, and you come back to the game, it picks up where you left off, maybe the other astraware games have the same feature, i dont even any other astraware games to test . Also Chattermail if you exit out of it and your typing any emails, it will put the email into the draft folder so you wont lose whatever you were typing.
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    Ok great thanks for the info
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    With chatter, if you don't have a push capable email account, you can still use it
    to quicksync at timed intervals and it will go offline when not syncing, this saves alot of battery. I even use it manually sometimes and only check my email when I feel like it. This works great for my battery, as well as my 700p's speed.
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    Thanks noodle!

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