Recently, I noticed that my 700P had slowed down considerably over the past two months of use. I read about Palm Internals and decided to give it a try.

I was able to identify 4 programs that use Hede resources and promptly deleted two that seemed to be hogs and contribute mostly to the slow-down of my Treo. Please list other programs that you have found to be Hede hogs so that I can steer away from them in the future.

Here is what I found:

Initiate - Uses Hede, but very efficiently. Speed only decreases by 1 sec. A keeper.

McPhling - Slowed speed down by 13 seconds. I will do without.

Mark N Dial - Slowed speed down by 23 seconds. The biggest offender I had. Gotta go.

Clip Pro - Slowed speed by 7 seconds. Great functionality justifies the slow-down. Gonna keep it.