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    A while ago, I purchased a Jabra BT500 headset for my 650. It didn't work well, so yesterday I borrowed a Motorola HS820. Same deal. Here are the symptoms:
    The range is very very short. If I put the phone on the table and take 2 steps back, it starts crackling and eventually I lose signal on the headset. If the headset and the phone are on different sides of my body (headset on the right ear, phone at the left hip) so the signal goes through my body, it crackles and it drops the signal.
    The only way the communication between headset and phone works fine is if the two are closer than 3 feet (1 meter) and there's no obstacle in between. This totally sucks.
    With the same Motorola HS820, my friend's RAZR V3 has a range over 15 feet (5 meters), it goes through minor obstacles such as the human body, no problem.
    I love PalmOS, but Bluetooth on the 650... I've been ripped.

    How's it working for y'all? Anyone has decent performance from 650's Bluetooth? And no, 3 feet max and direct line of sight only is not "decent performance".
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    I use a cheapo Logitech headset sometimes and experience no such problems. But if you search, I think you will find that you're not alone.

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    Yeah, the BT on the 650 is rediculously horrible... I've tried at least 3 different BT files from different ROM's and still cannot get my BT to work well...
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    I've said this in about 4 threads, but I can stream music to my Treo from my computer in my bedroom all over my house, back yard, and front yard.

    That not only requires receiving, but transmitting data as well. I have also done hotsyncs from across the house, browsed the web in the back yard, etc.

    This leads me to believe that headsets are just weak. I can't compare with other phones, but mine does crackle a little, but not that bad. It's worse if the battery in the headset is low, it seems.. I use a Cardo Scala 500.
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    Quote Originally Posted by khaytsus
    .. I use a Cardo Scala 500.
    If you want a spare power adapter for your headset, go see my thread in the Marketplace.

    myline = Treo650 w/SprintPCS
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    I have both a Cardo Scala 500 and a Treo Wireless Headset. Suffice it to say I've given the Cardo to my wife and I use the TWH with my Thinkpad (Skype). I've gone back to using the wired headset or speakerphone for the Treo. Besides having a short range, it loses the pairing every so often - usually when I needed to take a call in the car. The wired headset is great, same range as the BT headset and works every time!
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    So, is the Bluetooth transmitter on the 650 just very weak, or is it not compatible with many other devices?
    If it's weak, how come some people obtained very large usable ranges?

    Anyone tried the Bluetooth headset made by Palm (a.k.a. the Treo Wireless Headset)? Is that one working better with the 650?
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    I would say yes....very weak BT transmitter in the Treo...and no, there's not much you are going to be able to do about it. The only thing I've read is to get one of those BT headsets that screw right into your ear with those gels....that way you really cut down on the outside noise and you can hear the volume from the Treo across BT headsets is pretty low as well. I almost cannot use it in the car because of that....definitely not if the window is down. Overall though, the flexibility of the Treo far outweighs it's BT shortcomings. It's like the swiss army knife of phones. It doesn't really do any one thing exceptionally better than the rest (and in fact some are worse), but it does SO MANY things, and most are pretty acceptable. I imagine some day in the future someone will come out with a phone/PDA that does it all and does it all incredibly well, but until then I'll happily contine using my Treo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by o_town_racer
    I would say yes....very weak BT transmitter in the Treo...and no, there's not much you are going to be able to do about it. The only thing I've read is to get one of those BT headsets that screw right into your ear with those gels.....
    Louder crackling is hardly the answer.

    This problem has cost me considerably in time, money and the effort to find an earpiece that would work. None I have found do. Yet the BT functions very acceptably when hotsyncing to a BT equipped laptop I own. So it seems OK for pure data streams.

    In my opinion, this problem is nothing less than a defective or incompetent implementation of Bluetooth in this device. I wish I had known that before acquiring my Treo (which I am generally happy with except for the lack of usable BT voice function).

    I hope that the problem is corrected in future models, or I will likely take my future smartphone business to to Sony Ericsson, or another maker which has demonstrated the ability to do what Palm evidently can't on this device..
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    I use the both the 820 and 850 units with the 650, no problem. The only time I have crackeling or buzzing is when the headset battery is low. So top off that headset and see if the problem still occurs. Remember the treo uses a very early version of BT, which lots of devices had issues with too. Still don't understand why palm hasn't upgraded the drivers to 1.2 on the device since it's hardware capable, but perhaps there is a real time issue with later versions and Palm's OS.
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    I use the Scala 500 and have absolutly no problems with it, the only time I get any crackle is when I have a bad connection which is basicly never.
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    In addition to what I said before, the Motorola HS820 was losing the pairing quite often.

    I decided to purchase a Palm Treo Wireless headset (the old one, not the newer, "ultralight"). calls it "PalmOne Treo 650 wireless headset"
    The symptoms are exactly the same. Very low range (at most a few feet or it starts crackling), the signal does not go through the body (phone and headset must be on the same side of the body), it drops the pairing, etc.
    The Treo has the same issues no matter what headset I'm trying.

    What a piece of junk.

    Now, some people claim that their Treo works fine with Bluetooth. I wonder if Palm realized Bluetooth was broken and silently fixed it at some point - as a result there are now in circulation Treos with broken Bluetooth and Treos with working Bluetooth.
    If true, then Treos older than a certain date would exhibit the problem, while the ones newer than that date would not.

    Is it OK to post the serial number of the Treo? I mean, can it be used for nefarious purposes?
    If it's OK to post it, I wonder what would happen if people would start posting their serial numbers, maybe a pattern would emerge?

    Maybe Treos with serial numbers in a certain range have a broken Bluetooth, while the others have a functional Bluetooth?
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    Quote Originally Posted by florin View Post
    I love PalmOS, but Bluetooth on the 650... I've been ripped.
    Same feeling here. I am on my second 650 and I've tried about six different headsets. They all had tons of static if the headset and handset are more than 15 inches apart.

    It seems that some people don't have a real problem here, so I guess it is hit or miss as to each individual 650. I am getting another replacement 650 from Sprint on Friday...
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    I suspect it is a matter of which 650 you get. I have a fairly old 650 with an old Palm Treo Wireless headset and I get decent range with it. I have added the Jabra eargel to compensate for the lower volume, but it works fine now.

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