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    I am trying to install BackupBuddy Pro 2.1.6 without success. The program seems to start out fine, popping up it's own screen after doing the standard backup with Hotsync Manager, but crashes each time it approaches the JVM files, about half way through the process. Once, out of about six hotsync tries, it made it through to the end of the files; and, I believe that when it tried to then read the Transcend 4Gig expansion card, it crashed the Treo again. Subsequently, I have been unable to get past the J's (Java Files) before the Treo crashes and the process aborts. I have tried closing programs and rebooting to no avail. Does anyone have this working on the 700p (Ben?) or know what may be going on? The verbose log shows it hitting the Java files so I am sort of jumping to the conclusion that for some reason it cannot handle them, but it may not have anything to do with JVM.

    My main objective in using BB was to backup the card to my laptop. Is there an alternative for this that might read the 4Gig expansion card?

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    Get a Card reader.. Just copy everything from the memory card to a backup directory on your pc. Works great.
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    Thanks mogulman, I have one on my laptop (over 2 years old) and I have the Sandisk Reader that came out about a year ago which reads about 8 card types I believe. However, I have read several cases here where people have used the readers on 4 Gig cards and corrupted their cards, so I am a little worried about that aspect. It seems to be working so well, it would be a shame to screw things up now . If possible I would just like to leave the card in the Treo (if possible because of less chance of corruption), and using some software solution back it up to the hard drive. That is the reason I was trying to install BackupBuddy, it seems to be one of the few that claims it can do this (I never liked BB much because it slowed the hotsync process down and finally I uninstalled it. I found that the few times I had to hard reset, Hotsync Manager did the job). Times have changed though...

    I hope someone has an alternative solution.

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