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    When my Treo 650 is attached to my laptop via a USB cable, should it show up as an addtional drive?

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    Try Card Export II
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    or CardReader ($12)

    (gee, I thought it used to be free -v0.98. Or maybe I forgot that I paid for it )
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    Those are all for the SD card. AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $the$ $internal$ $memory$ $cannot$ $be$ $tethered$ $to$ $the$ $PC$.

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    PDANet or PDAReach might be of assistance, depending on what you're looking for. Both available from

    I think they allow you to control the Treo from the desktop. Softick Card Export is supposed to let you set up the SD card in a Treo as a USB drive in Windows.
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    A free alternative (although not quite as friendly as it looking like just another drive) would be Palm File Browser 1.3:

    ....but it does let you move files back and forth without having to use hotsync to either the internal memory or the SD card.

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