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    I purchased a Treo 650 on Ebay to use with my Alltel service. Thing is, its a verizon treo. I can use the phone after programming but I am always roaming and Alltel said I need to flash it with Alltel firmware?? They said they cant do it but I can find someone online to help.....HELP>>>>HELP
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    #*#000000# will let you program the phone.

    You'll also have to call Alltel to enable the ESN.

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    Did both those. Phone works, makes calls etc...But wont come out of roaming. Alltel says Phone is verizon firmware or software and I need to put Alltel firmware/software in it to make it not roam all the time. How do I do that??
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    You don't need their firmware, you need their PRL.

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    What and how do I get that?? Ive heard that before but have no idea on how to get or do that....Thanks for the help!
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    Google, you can find the PRL if you try hard. Then use KWPST to load the PRL.


    Try here:

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    whats KWPST? And my computer could not find that file in the link you gave me.
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    It's a programming utility by Kyocera Wireless. It can be used to load the PRL into your Treo. If you can't find the PRL, you can try going to an Alltel store and asking if they can do it.
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    Im not having any luck. Guess its beyond my knowledge. If there is any other way will someone please help. Alltel store said they cant flash a Verizon phone.

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