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    Using a 700P, all of a sudden this week, i'm no longer receiving any voicemail notifications on when someone leaves a voicemail. this is causing me to miss some important callbacks as i have not way of knowing that someone left me a message, short of calling into my voicemail randomly.

    Has anyone else experienced anything like this? I don't know if it's the Sprint network or my phone. I'm on hold with Sprint, but i'm not sure they know what is going on.

    Any ideas - i do use 2day, which may or may not interfere, but i removed the program and still had the problems.
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    I have been having voicemail issues all week. It must be a sprint thing because my girlfriend asked me about it too. (she has a samsung)
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    me too sometimes at work i get no signal , and i get voicemails, but the icon doesnt show up on the phone till hrs later or even the next day, even after i randomly check my voicemail , and erase them ,the icon pops up whenever it wants , this happens to me once in a while, since im at work i get no signal so it can be that also
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    Glad its not just me. As i sit here an type this, my voicemail notification just popped up....yet i know i don't have a voicemail because i've been sitting in front of my phone on the cradle, and i have no problems with coverage here. Just a random notification with no actual voicemail.

    At least its a Sprint issue, and not just me. I've got a trouble ticket in, we'll see if it helps.
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    well you can always use the phone preferences to delete the voicemail icon
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    Yeah, but that doesn't solve the two problems of 1) getting notifications when there aren't voicemails (the voicemail notifications screen pops up saying there is a new voicemail) and 2) not getting notifications when i have voicemail waiting, which is the bigger issue.
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    I've been having the same problem. in addition to that, I can't even receive text msg unless I'm on a voice call. And then I get flooded with them. All replies from texts I sent out. Sprint said they're having problems with the network. For me, this has been going on sense last week.
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