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    I bought my 700p on june 6th and I called today to try to put the insurance on my phone and I was told it over 30 days
    can anyone help
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    Unfortunately, that's the policy. Beyond 30 days with Sprint, you are SOL on insurance. This is one way of combatting insurance fraud; in particular, people who never signed up for insurance, then their phone breaks and they decide to sign up all of a sudden.

    You could try to contact lock/line directly to see if they will cover you. Their website is However, they will probably tell you that you need to go through Sprint.

    Another option is to take out a separate policy. There's a company called Safeware ( that insures laptops and desktop computers, as well as PDAs. Though them, you can get a 1-year policy for $650 worth of coverage (the no-contract price for a new Treo 700p) for $78. That works out to $6.50 a month.

    The bad news is that it's $.50/month more expensive than Sprint's monthly charge for TEP, and safeware wants the whole $78 for the year up front. But, the good news is that their policy has no deductable, unlike the $50 deductable for Sprint's insurance.
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