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    Is it possible to send a pic in a text message on my 650 or can I only send through email?

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    Yep you can do it.. Go to media find the picture you want click on it, Hit menu push send and it will come up send with and push messaging then it will come up in a text message and you will then type in the number.. Hope that helped .
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    Thanks for the advice I will give it a shot
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    Great hope it works!!
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    i just found out aweare then sending/recieving pic messages will cost you data usage.
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    it depends on your carrier. sprint only allows sending pics with their picture mail feature. If you have picturemail but no data package, you still don't get data charges for sending pics.
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    MMS is data side, it is handled by a PCU. SMS, or text messaging, works on the voice side.

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    I was talking about verizon.... is there a way to send pics w/o getting charged for data?
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    Okay, well Verizon wouldn't necessarily have a PCU, but it doesn't change the fact that MMS was designed for use with data... so no.

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    newbie question. I previously had the Samsung i700 (WM) on VZW and used Text messaging a lot - well maybe that's a little exaggeration - I'm not a power user but enjoy the features. I also could send an email to my WM phone and surf internet (lightly) - quick 2 net I think.

    I've had my T650 for about a month and was able to text initially but lately I'm not recieving any plus I can't figure out how to do the email to my phone setup - send email from PC email program ( - can't remember the correct format but that's not my concern, I have that at home). Need help with:

    1. How to check/setup my text messaging capability

    2. How to check/setup email to phone
    -- From SEARCHING, I see the popular programs TO BUY/choose from are snapper or chatter - but trying to avoid (or at least limit) SW Buys since I disagree w/the Palm native apps not being good enough like WM was [for me].

    3. How to check/setup internet browsing

    I did try connecting but it just times out after trying to signon

    thanks for help! -g

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