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    Can anyone recommend a good time tracking app for the Treo 650?

    Nothing complicated, I am just hoping for:
    * dirt simple to start/stop timer for a specific task
    * only one task timer can be running at a time
    * ideally, can record not only the total time spent on a task, but also a log of the start/stop events
    * can export data to Palm memos, or through a conduit that is known to be compatible with Missing Sync.

    I would prefer an app which did _not_ have facilities for billing hours, tracking expenses, managing very large lists of clients, projects, subprojects, etc.. I would even prefer no graphing, unless it is extremely well done.

    Much obliged for any advice here!

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    AllTime from Iambic will do most of what you want (and not much else).

    Also, see this:

    And this one, seems to fit your requirement:
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    I use PuhchTime Clock Pro

    Barebones, but does more than I need, and is free (or at least the beta version I use is)
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    Thanks for the advice, guys. I'll check those out.

    I also found one, an old app that's now free and open source: Titrax. It does everything but the interface is a bit clunky so you need the manual.

    The catch is that the manual is only available in the full version, which for some reason is not in the widely distributed file, but is at this URL of one of the original authors:
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    I second AllTime. Easy to use and gets the job done. Must export data to their proprietary spreadsheet or to Palm native, memo, however to hotsync.
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    Just tried Titrax... it's not good for me (or I'm not good for it).

    Its user interface can be tiresome.
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    Try this link and Time Sheet. It may not be 'D-pad' ready but it works for various projects and bestof all it is free:-)


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