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    I have recently purchased a road bike and found that my TomTom has options for bicycle route only.

    I would love to hear from people their experiences negative or positive with the bike routes they have in the TomTom.

    Also is there a good sturdy lightweight holder for the Treo 700p on my bike handlebars? Thanks!
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    Krusell has bike handlebar attachment for all of its cases (using the Multidapt system). So just get whatever Krusell case works for you and use the bike holder adapter.
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    I use this mount on my motorcycle
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    I have a RAM for my mountain bike handlebars that holds a GPS. I also have a camera mount for it so you can attach a video or still camera. It's a high quality product that I would highly recommend.
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    this is great info. Can people post some links. Goglling is fun but I would like to see some proven product links.

    Thanks great idea.
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    Sure....rc46 posted a link to the motorcycle mount but you can mix and match the RAM parts to make any mount you need:

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