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    My TT can stay on if I put it on my cradle while charging. But I didn't find such option in 650 and I have to turn on the screen each time when I need to touch her, even on the cradle.....

    Any idea? thx!
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    You could manually change the "auto off" preference to "never." Not ideal, obviously, but functional. A desktop accessory like TealPrefs makes it convenient to do manually, without leaving your current app.
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    thanks, little monkey. But it is inconvenient as I need the "auto off" function when 650 is off cradle while "on forever" on cradle just like my TT.

    I don't get it why palm always like to dump its good features...and they should have some survey and do care about customers' real needs.
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    Well, you could manually switch auto-off to your ordinary settings when you take the Treo out. Looks like STOIC will do exactly what you're looking for, though, without manual intervention.
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    Use Profiles (it is free). You can create profiles to keep it on while plugged in (and many other useful things).
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    OnCradleOn too (and free)
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    Search for Oncradleon in the 700P forum. I attached the file there - it's simple, free, and works on both the 650 and 700. Whenever there is a power charge to the phone, the screen will stay on.
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    wow, cradleon looks exactly what I want! thanks!!
    U see, this is a clear example that palm forces user to use third party software to increase the risk of instability.
    need a lot of luck

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