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    I am looking for a "Push 2 Talk" application for a Treo 600. I noticed that the Orange network offers push to talk on the Treo 600. But my provider (bell mobility) does not offer it, yet they offer push 2 talk with other phones. So I am hoping I can get the software and just make it work. Any thoughts.
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    I think your SoL
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    I have the prc file from Orange if you want it but since it's from a diffirent provider you'll need to find a way to change the program's settings I think and there's no apparent way to do it without some programming I believe. But PM me if you wanna give it a try, all I ask is you let me know if you somehow get it to work and how you did it.
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    P2Talk sucks anyway. I don't know why anyone uses it. You can't hear the other person well unless you shout and then everyone else has to listen to your conversation too. Just call them. Its just as cheap.
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