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    I created a 44/16/Stereo WAV file (3MB) and put it on an FTP server. Went to Blazer and nagivaged to that file. It asked me to save the file - downloaded it and said it was saved successfully and to use "Sounds" to manage it.

    It's not there.

    I can't find the file anywhere - not thru Sounds, Manage - not thru P-Tunes, etc. I even downloaded FileProg (a file manager) to see if I could find it. Nada.

    If I browse to the file again, it says it already exists and asks to overwrite it.

    I understand now that the WAV file must be 11/8/Mono to be accepted into the RingTones system, but what about my 3MB file taking up memory? Where is it?
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    use filez and setup filter for the wav files name
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    On my Verizon Treo 700p when I send a wave file via bluetooth, it gets put into voice memo. From there you can save it as a ringtone. This is different than the 650. Check your voice memo app and see if it shows in there.
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