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    Hello, Let me star off by saying I did use the search function however came up with old post and some I already read and not find anything to apealing. Well when am I going to see some good games with great graphics for the 650 I am still seeing these games that arent so fun I want some new stuff some racing prehaps or just good games stuff I havent saw yet, Maybe even that just came out..
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    Tested Crimson Fields ( or ZHeretic for example?
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    /|\ Thanks dude....
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    Somehow I don't believe you know how to search. Either that or you're not looking past the first three threads...

    and that's just the beginning. When you search, always start with the most obvious words... and look at more than the first few threads...

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    He is chronically retarded..
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    Quote Originally Posted by khaytsus
    He is chronically retarded..

    Wow you must be bored if you write a post and say he is retarded, You guys are so worried about me using the search function if you would read what I said and list something helpful and not your stupid comments I wouldn't be so clueles, I am sorry I can't be smart like you. Everypost from FROZENCODE has been use the search function don't even bother on commenting on my stuff because all you are going to say is use the search button. I can find a million posts where everyone gets mad at you for saying use the search button... And I WANT TO SEE NEW GAMES SOME THAT JUST CAME OUT, OR SOME THAT HASN'T YET!!! And I went through all those post ypu posted above and found nothing in them that looked even good half of them I already saw like I stated above if you would read and stop being a hot head you would no...
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    Well then if you're so picky about your games why don't you buy a PSP? Sorry to break it to you pal, but the Treo has a 16-bit display...similar to the one's found in the old Gameboy Colors. Don't expect UT2k4 to run on your Treo And somehow I don't believe you read any of the posts in the above threads, some of the best games are there. So now I'll post links to the EXACT posts for you

    Should I keep going? There's a lot of posts which name some of the best games for the Treo, perhaps if you took the time to read them...

    Not every post I write says to use the search function, I wrote a pretty long post about TDM and FDM technologies in the GSM section just last night, and no TDM does not mean Team Deathmatch.

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    No I really did read the threads you listed. Okay I am sorry to bother you I understand where you are coming from. I apoligise I will search more thirally next time sorry again, And you did help me once before thanks..

    Of course there was no reason to call me a retard but it's all good...

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