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    my treo has been acting funny the last few days. most everything still works ok but stuff has been getting moved around. I use Launcher X for instance and all my games have disappeared. so I exit LX and find that the games are gone but I have two Real icons and two TomTom icons....?? Also my tealauto and a few othwr things are gone so I reinstalled last night. now tealauto icon is there but it won't run the program. Time for a hard reset or what?
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    Appears as though it recently went thrugh a reset and lost its preferences. Are there any other programs that have changed and/or lost their registration, et cetera? You can look for Saved_Preferences.prc and restore it or rebuild it. If that does turn out to be the problem, look at Preference Doctor - it makes recovering saved preferences after a reset a much easier task.

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    thanks, I'll look for that. It would be in the "backup" folder I'm guessing?
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    Yeah, and also your Launcher or Categories PDB might have gotten hosed, but I'm not sure of the best way to clear that up. I've seen on occation applications with screwy icons that crash when launched, usually when ZLauncher has lost its mind during a crash (of some other program.. ZLauncher itself never crashes for me )

    A rescan of apps from ZL fixes things. But again, not sure about the default launcher.

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