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    I find it is very annoying to turn off/disconnect internet connection in chatter everytime I receiving or sending MMS

    Any solution for this?
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    There is a setting in Chatter's Connection prefs for this (Enhance MMS Compatibility). See if it helps...

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    Marc, you think of EVERYTHING!
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    While the above mentioned function may help to solve the problem of receiving most MMS, it doesn't seem to help in sending MMS.

    If you have an always-online IMAP account setup in Chatter - MMS, especially those relative large in size, will still have much difficulties sending out. As Chatter will often interrupt the connection mid-way while the MMS is being sent.

    For myself, I end up making the IMAP account sync every 60 minutes instead of always-online. As it's personal emails which I got on the Treo and I don't usually need to read them promptly.

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