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    Hi all, I'm new to this forum and I hope that somebody can help me... I know this is a Treo forum I saw a lot of expertise related to Goodlink issues.

    I have a Himalaya (aka MDA 2) with WM2003 running and GL and basically GL is running. The problem I face now (again) is, that after a unplanned hardreset I restored the device completely but GL is not working correctly. Means:
    - do not get the password screen (but my company's setting is that a pw is requested after 30 minutes downtime)
    - mails and calendar aren't updated (showing old information)
    - but status screen says that it's connected and it's receiving information

    You're help is very appreciated. I don't want to go through the whole install procedure again, as I have quite some other apps running...

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    Can you still access the internet through your phone? When you do a manual send/receive, is the data coming through?
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    Yes, I can still access the internet but manual sending and reciving does not work. As an example: when sending an email from the ppc to my own account it's stored in the sent file folder but never arrives on my desktop. Even manual sending /receiving doesn't help.
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    Check with your GMM Admin and make sure you are still listed as a user.
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    Did so, I'm still on the list. Our helpdesk proposes to install from the scratch, but I still refuse to do so... Looking for a better solution...
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    Thx, will try this later. Keep you informed.

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    Great, it's working! I wasn't aware of a possibility like this - so many thanks. The only thing that's changed is that I still not get the password screen, but this is some kind of welcome ;-)
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    The password policy is set by your GMM Admin, but I am glad you are back up and running.

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