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    Anyone watch the MacBreak podcast? This week Leo shows off a few applescripts that allow you to use iWeb to add blog entries from your cellphone. All you need is iWeb 06, a .Mac account (may not be neccessary) and a few free applescripts.

    I set everything up today and am going to test it out by blogging a round of golf.

    This works great with the Treo, now if the camera was only better.
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    ^ What a great idea!

    Let us know how it works out for you
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    How is that different/better than mobile blogging using Google's Blogger?
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    It actually works very well, although the auto-publish script is finicky (doesn't like a screensaver, but doesn't mind if the power manager turns off the display). I was able to add about 10 blog entries today while playing golf (busy day, was waiting often). Plus, since it is all based on applescript, it may be possible to edit the script to also add movies recorded on the treo, not just images.

    You actually need to make a small change to the Applescript that creates the blog entry for the treo so the subject and body are posted correctly, but it's easy to do.

    As far as the difference to Google's Blogger, not sure. It is nice if you already are using iWeb and .Mac for a blog and personal site.
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    What are the applescripts you need to do this?
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    I use a program called HBlogger--no scripts or desktop PC required for blogger, livejournal, and a number of other setups.

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