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    Has anyone been able to get Gloonet to work on their 700p? I seem to have successfully setup the server on my Mac, but everytime that I connect to my music collection and Pocket Tunes Deluxe, I get an HTTP error that prevents me from listening to my collection?

    Any ideas are appreciated.
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    bump! I miss my Gloonet.
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    I have had ampache + Sprint T650 working. T700p always resets during the handoff between blazer to ptunes deluxe.
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    Why won't Gloonet work on 700p? worked fine on the 650. I hate ORB, I love the simplicity of Gloonet.
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    The Gloonet website really doesn't look like it's been updated in a while. Are they answering your emails?

    Orb worked okay on the palm but screwed up my media pc's remote at home. I just ordered a Slingbox instead.
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    just wanted to report that ptunes 4.0 resolved the ampache related resets.
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    Folks at Gloonet say they are too busy to get it to work with 700p and pTunes. I have bugged them every month since last June. Kinoma 4 is supposed to work with Gloonet, but it won't on 700p because pTunes won't give up the file extensions to transfer to Kinoma, and since pTunes is in ROM this behavior cannot be fixed by deleting pTunes (you can't delete ptunes). Dave at Normsoft is going to look into it again from the pTunes end. No time frame given. Kinoma has trouble with Avvenu playlists for the same reason: pTunes in ROM won't give up the playlist and file extensions to Kinoma. Gloonet currently is a lost cause on 700p. Keep the faith, though, and may the Force be with you.
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    Yeah this is all crazy... On the 650 I used to love Gloonet, but hate the buffering problem due to low bandwith. Now with the 700p with EVDO it just doesn't work. WFT?? You can't make anybody happy like that.


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