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    My 650, 1.20, unlocked GSM t-mobile, won't stay turned off. It just sits for 10-30 seconds, and then turns itself back on. It's running down battery like crazy. I've tried resetting (soft reset), and it seems to fix the problem for a little while, but it always comes back (i.e., within the day). I'm not sure what to do. Parenthetically, anyone considering the 1.20 upgrade still, I would not recommend it. I have had nothing but trouble since I upgraded, have seen no visible improvement in performance or stability, and still have a couple of serious problems that existed before the upgrade (I had hoped it might wipe those issues out). Anyway, that's just frustration, but since I'm on the topic, is there any way to go back to 1.17, and would it do me any good?
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    What software are you running? I had the same problem, it went away when I turned off my keyboard driver when I wasn't using it (posted in the chatter forum and got the answer almost right away).
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    Volume Care is known to cause similar problems, although my copy doesn't seem to...
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    drtadwinslow: do you use the wireless keyboard with your treo? If so, turn off the driver when you arent using it.
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    What a coincidince, my Treo 650 turns me on! WooHoo!

    Kidding aside, I had a similar thought to t2gungho. Perhaps there is some Bluetooth device waking up your phone? Try turning BT OFF (just tap on the blue icon and then turn it OFF on the next screen) and see if that makes a difference.

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