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    I am trying to install Chapura on Windows Xp Home, turned out I didn't have Active sync installed, which is required. But active sync won't recognize the t650... tying again and again, no luck. And boy is the sound it makes annoying! (yes i muted it finally)

    I really just want my outlook to sync, and all its features, but that has never happened, so i tried to use chapura trial. But then I got this active sync issue.

    Any thoughts?
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    ActiveSync is for WM devices.

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    Yes, this is an apples vs oranges thing. ActiveSync is for Windows Mobile devices, so the only Palm it works with is the 700w (at the time of this writing ;-). To get syncing up and running with your Treo 650, you need Palm Desktop. This will install "Hotsync" on your PC, which is the basic "driver" that allows your Palm to sync with your PC. Once that is installed, then you can install the Chapura software and it will sync your Treo with Outlook. Don't worry about the "Palm Desktop" part, as you wont really need it for much after you install Chapura, but don't delete it either. It may be useful for transferring things like pictures and movies to and from the Treo.

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