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    I've searched the forums, but didn't find an answer.

    I need to find out how to do a wireless hotsync between my 700p and my work computer. However, my work computer is behind a firewall that is managed in another state, and I do not have access to changing most of the port settings. I tried the step-by-step process discussed on this forum but it didn't work because I can't control which ports are available.

    If there's a software application out there that will accomplish this, I'll buy it. Please let me know what it is.

    PLEASE HELP! Thanks in advance.
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    I'm not sure why you need to access Port settings to install the hotsync application. Are you in a Citrix environment? One workaround that doesn't involve "Hotsyncing" would be to upload your contacts and schedule from Outlook on your thin client to Yahoo, and then using a Yahoo account to access your schedule and contacts from your Treo. In my experience, if you are working on a thin client and your network administrators won't provide you with email/schedule/contact access via Microsoft Exchange you are S.O.L. Surely there are others in your enterprise using handhelds - what are they doing for access?

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