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    Good morning all,

    I've been using a Palm since the 3. It's taken me a few weeks to finally get to the bottom of this, but here goes.

    First of all, I never should have tried to restore my 600 to my 700P when I first got the phone. Big mistake.

    Then, when I installed the Chapura conduits, my phone crapped out. It quit recognizing a sync. It didn't matter that I removed the Palm Desktop a zillion times, the Registry got wacked. BTW, the Reg Clean utility has never worked.

    I'm more upset at myself over this. The design of this OS is still the same from the early days; delete all the Registry keys on the PC, to get a true fresh install. I don't know why I didn't remember this. But here's what's crazy. No one at Sprint knows this. Everyone I talked to, was convinced the phone was wacked. No one, knew about these Registry hacks.

    I finally took my issue to Palm HQ. They got me on the phone with someone smart, in 5 minutes I deleted the keys, reinstalled the PD and I was back rolling. In fact, the phone works pretty good now.

    1) I'm using the basics;
    Snappermail, Pocket Tunes, Pocket Quicken, EZRemote, Explorer. PDANet is the way to go to pimp your phone for bandwidth. Ringo is way good.

    Note: I've quit using third party apps like Datebk, Agendus, or Beyond Contacts. For this cowboy, the native contact, address and task apps are fine. I love CJ and his story about saving the gorillas, though. He's a cool cat.

    2) Pocket Tunes works fine, but no support for .WMA files. Whatever. I can convert my songs to .MP3 on the fly.

    3) My retractable cables don't work. They charge, but they don't sync reliably. For syncing, I have to use the cable.

    I'm pretty happy with this phone. I'd rather see Palm handle all support like the old days, but whatever. As long as I can to to someone on the inside, seems like I still can, I'm fine.

    @@Problem. I didn't write down the Registry hacks. I'll contact the dudes at Palm, see if I can get them and I'll post them here. If you have an ill phone, it's truly the only way to get it back to feeling good.

    4) Sprint does suck. They make it as hard as possible to get stuff fixed, I honestly can't see how the average user gets stuff solved. Maybe they'll hang out here? Lots of misinformed people on the phone, too. They waste more money then they make.

    So there you go. A guy just can't come around and beetch. It can't be all bad. I'd say the phone is beetchin.

    My name is sprintsucks, I'm a Palm addict.
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    "Hi SprintSucks!...

    Well that should just about wrap up this weeks SA (Sprints Anonymous) meeting. Don't forget about the refreshments at the back and call your sponsors this week! See you all next month!"
    "So long and thanks for all the Treos!"
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    If you hate cables, how about Bluetooth syncing - my Treo 700p has NEVER seen a sync cable. The first sync was done via Bluetooth.

    I did my setup from my Sprint Treo 650 SD card - took a day to get the bugs worked out and a bit longer to fine tune it. I probably should have done it the "correct" way.

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    "Phone, grant me the patience to accept your little issues, the inside phone numbers to Palmians, and the ring tones to know the difference".
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    wow i have never had a problem with Sprint neither the plans, or getting service, this is my experience when i had to get my Treo's Replaced
    Replaced times
    Treo300- 1
    Treo600- 2
    Treo650- 7
    Treo700- 1

    now everytime i had a problem i would just come to the store and they would just replace it with no problems, looks like the sprint employees have no clue how to troubleshoot treos so they would just replace with with a new one or a refurbished one, and their service in my area is excelent.

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