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    I upgraded to the latest firmware the other day and today my Treo crashed and reset. Afterwards I couldn't turn the wireless/phone back on! I could use my Treo as a PDA but holding the red/power button did nothing, also trying to run any wireless app (e.g: making a call) would prompt to turn the phone on but saying yes would do nothing!

    Soft reseting made no difference so I took the battery out (the first time since I've owned it!). Trying to turn the wireless/phone on after putting the battery back in hung the phone at the Treo welcome screen so I had to soft reset again! After the soft reset my phone is now back on - hopefully this isn't the start of things to come after the rom upgrade as it was relatively stable before that.

    Anyway, has anyone else encountered any wierd problms like this??
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    No, I haven't had the problem you describe....but I have had the unit totally freeze up and the only solution was to remove the battery. This has happened twice since I got my Treo almost a year ago. Normally a soft reset is all I need.

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