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    I just had my 700p lose the ability make calls for an entire day while persistently displaying the "Network Search" message with a red T next to it. This has apparently happened to some older models, so I thought I'd report it here. I read somewhere that it might have to do with the SD Card slot putting physical pressure on something inside the phone. I don't know if that's true or not, but when I removed the SD Card and performed a soft reset the problem finally went away. Hope this helps someone in the future.
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    omg bad memories alert. This was a horrible Treo 600 problem that never manifested itself in the 650 (i think), let's hope it was a fluke.
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    I went through three treo 600 phones because of that bug.
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    That's happened to me before too. I got my 700p days after they were released.
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    Nice to know this isn't a isolated problem. I replaced my Treo 700p on Monday that was 2 weeks old for this problem. It would not come out of network search with the red t next to it. Verizon store said they hadn't seen this before, which is possible but doubtful. New phone, working without issue but did not install from my backup just incase there was something in there that would mess it up.
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    anyway to fix this problem other than getting new phone?
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    i just got this too. WTF??? VZW overnighting a new one to me tomorrow.

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