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    Hello to all. I write from Italy and sorry for my English. I have just bought my Treo 650, I use Mac iBook G3 with OSX10.3.9 the synchronization by cable is perfect, all ok. If I try to sync by internal modem, using the virtual modem of the Treo does not work , the Conduit manager doesn't open. The modem of the Mac answers buy nothings else. Who can help me? I have tryed with PC windows XP and works probably I need same drivers? Or? thanks a lot
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    Sorry, I've only sync'ed via the cable, IR, and BT with my Windows laptop....not the modem. Check the hotsync settings on both your mac and the Treo to make sure all connection ports/methods you are attempting are set to active.
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    I have checked and all is correct. I think that I need same specials drivers for my modem? because the hot syncwith PC Windows works by modem.... I have tryed with my friends

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