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    Hello Beloved TreoCentral Goers,

    My first post but I'm grateful for the many brilliant minds who post here and have helped me get the most from my Treo 650! (And dig me out of the many glitches...)

    This post will likely end up being a vent but perhaps someone has a happy fix, software recommendation or workaround that will save me many hours of data entry. And an answer to a question beyond that...

    I was persueded to use Palm Desktop (having started with Outlook conduits) by a Palm support person after having problems with sync'ing (which I ultimately discovered to be a funky cable).

    I now have 900 contacts in Palm Desktop and 450 from Outlook (before).
    I'd like to export my Palm Desktop contacts as .csv and import them into Outlook and convert my sync'ing to Outlook (and drop Palm desktop).

    The export data from Palm Desktop does not line up for 'field for field' import into Outlook!!!!

    Importing .csv files into Outlook can be properly mapped ONE AT A TIME! (Thanks MS

    Outgoing export from Palm Desktop to .csv offers mapping adjustments previous to export but how does one know the sequence of Outlook fields to map Palm Desktop data to so field info lines up correctly??

    I've searched the posts here and found that my best bet might be to alter an excel file of exported Palm .csv data, compare and cut & paste to line up with an Outlook .csv import. Haven't tried that yet but I'm skeptical.

    Any ideas, oh great Treo Forum geniuses?? Pleeeease! I dread data entry...

    Once I've accomplished compiling contacts from the two places and switched conduits, should I hard reset the phone and start fresh so as to avoid any contacts data corruption since my sync location/method has changed?

    Finally, does the backup location change when changing conduits or just a record created within Outlook?

    Thanks for any help!
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