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    The handmark solitaire came with cd has too few options. I tried solitaire mania pro, it looks good, but no 5-way nav. I just don't like tapping much when playing a solitaire game. I know that acid solitaire and klondike solitaire might support 5-way nav, but would somebody be kind and tell me if there is a solitaire collection game i.e. including freecell, pyramid, etc, that supports 5-way nav?
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    I have the "One for all" simple spider game which I quite like the controls of - 5 way nav and letter keys to move to different columns (quite easy to use). However, the simple spider game I have occasionaly crashes on exit =/
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    I think the best sol game is from acid solitare from red mecury. They also have acid freecell and acid spider. They are very user friendly and fun. I have purchased all three.
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    I like Solitaires Unlimited.

    It's really a neat compilation of solitaire games. What's neat is if you buy it, and the developer of it adds new games to the collection, you can just download the updated version for free. It's pretty neat.

    The graphics are pretty good; it supports Palm OS 5 and Hi-Res. Plus I've noticed that their CS dept is pretty good, too. I would give it a shot.
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