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    I did a hard reset on my phone today and everything is back to normal except for my bookmarks in Blazer. They are no longer their. Does anyone know of the location in the PalmOne folder or anywhere else where their could possibly be a back up of them?

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    Never mind I found them! But thanks anyway.

    I like these forums I have found a ton of usefull information in them. Thanks for everyone's help!

    Treo 755p
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    After your hard reset, how did you restore all your PIM data and apps? Your Blazer bookmarks (and all other backed up apps and files) are stored in your usernames backup folder (crogram files/palm[or handspring]/username/backup). Try looking in this location for a Blazer_bookmarks and resync this to your phone. Be aware though, that if you didnt save an image of your backup folder prior to resyncing your Treo "after" your hard reset, its possible the Blazer_bookmarks file has been over-written anc could be empty.
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