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    Alright, I already stumped the people at Verizon and Palm with this question, but you guys prolly know more anyways, so I thought I'd throw out the question to you.

    I just got a new 650, after my 650 went haywire. However before my old one went bad, I managed to do a sucessful hotsync. So when I did get my new phone, I figured that if I just sync'd it to my computer it would make my new phone have all the features as my old phone.

    Some of the features did make it to the new phone, such as my background tranfered, as did my speed dial list, and the data for every call/text i've made the last 2 years, with the names of the contacts.

    However, some things did not, and wouldnt ya know it, its the important things that didnt tranfer. My Calender, Contacts, and Memos all did not transfer. My hot sync log looks fine, and the phone works, its jut my contacts list is empty.

    You guys have any ideas for how to fix this?
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    How are your conduits set, particularly for the Contacts and Calendar?
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    Try setting Calender, Contacts, and Memos as "desktop overwrites handheld" on the hotsync manager and re-sync.
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    Hmm, that didnt work either idk, i may just be out of luck. My conduits were set up correctly.

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