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    All of a sudden when i access a website and lets say i click on the home button or the phone button... to do something else.... then i go back to browser, the page is blank and there is no address on the address bar... ... never had this happen to me... i try to refresh.. i tried clearing cache... but it doesnt fix it... any suggestions?
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    I've also experienced this issue. Seems like Blazer only sometimes saves the history. If I visit a page which loads a lot of content, it seems like it is more likely to disappear from the back button history, but sometimes it will get recorded in the actual history (menu>>history). I'm sure this is a known bug over at Palm.

    I do recall this to be similar with the treo 650.
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    The only thing that I can think of is make sure that the "Start With" preference is Last Page Viewed. Unfortunately, when you exit Blazer, it will not save your back button history (I am pretty sure on this).

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