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    I was excited to hear about and check out mOcean!
    I have experienced some problems: (if anyone knows fixes, please lemme know)

    -the light doesn't go out on the phone even if I have set "turn off screen" to 10 seconds... it never goes out. Does this have to do with a conflict with the power preferences on the phone?

    -music: I'm using a 2 gig SD card, but it makes duplicates of all the songs (in the mOcean Songs list) and then only one of the duplicates actually works and the others stop the player from playing which makes shuffling, etc. not work well... is there a way audio files need to optimally be loaded on the SD card? ON the card, they are in the Audio folder.

    -when I click the hold button to add a song to the on-the-go playlist, it brings up an alert message (like Treo alarm) that is blank, and just has the options for "done" "snooze" and "clear all"... but does not add them to the playlist. I can however press the menu button on the treo and it adds things to the playlist

    -the program to sync playlists from iTunes to the Treo mOceanSync does not work on my Mac--- it will not show any playlists even though I have them. I have the latest versions of everything.

    -a lot of times when i press the right arrow on the Treo, it pauses instead of going forward to the next track. It seems kind of random when it works or not. I think this may have to do with the "phantom tracks" in the playlist...

    Does anyone know anything about these issues?

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    I have yet to find a way to disable the middle button alert--even using TealButtons to reassign it fails. It's a PalmOS problem, not mOcean's... it buggers d-pad heavy games as well.

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