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    Ever since that damned outlook security patch, I've had it up to here with that stupid extra click(s) to get email synced up with my visor (i value my one button no look syncs).

    Does anyone else feel this way? Does anyone know of a solution short of reinstalling outlook without the security patch???

    Deeply frustrated,

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    Come on, don't tell me i'm the ONLY one that has this??? That's just the rottenest luck..
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    I think the latest version of PocketMirror keeps the prompts from happening. I didn't install the latest Office update because of the new Outlook "feature."
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    If you're using PocketMirror to sync the PIM functions to Outlook, then, yes, the 3.0 update addresses this.

    See here for more info.

    If you're using a different third party conduit to sync between the device and Outlook, you may be on your own...
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    Um.. don't want to kill the momentum here, but pocket mirror only handles the non-email conduits into outlook(contacts, memos, appts)..

    I'm talking about specifically the email conduit that syncs the inbox with the mail app on the palm.. THAT still has a dialogue box that pops up asking for permission etc etc...

    infact, pocket mirror's knowledge bases acknowledges the fact that it won't get ride of the email conduit confirmation box. it said wait for a new conduit from palm, but i haven't heard of anynew version...

    any ideas?
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    As you already mentioned at the top, you'll have to uninstall Outlook and reinstall it (and don't apply the Security Patch)-- if you use the Palm/Handspring-supplied mail conduit. There's a site that has a better "grip" of this situation and its ramifications ( and

    Unfortunately, if you're using Outlook 2000 *and* you installed OL2000 as part of the Office 2000 installation, you will have to uninstall Office complete to get rid of the patch (gee, thanks MS!).

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