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    I have been trying out Xiino as an alternative to Blazer and have a couple of questions. Is there a way to go quickly back to the last page like in Blazer where you press the backspace key? In Xiino, it seems like you have to go to the lower toolbar and go to the back button. More work than Blazer.

    Also, I can't get the animated weather radar from Wunderground to work. It works in Blazer really well. If it were for these two things, Xiino would probably be my browser of choice.
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    The best access for Xiino is the toolbar, not the keys. I just press the back arrow with my thumb to go back, the "select" button to open bookmarks, and the u-turn arrow to refresh.

    Also coming from Blazer, it seemed a pain at first to push the onscreen buttons, but after getting used to it, it seems like second nature.

    I don't know about Wunderground, but some pages just don't render well in Xiino. But for me, about 95-percent of them do, and the page loads are so fast I surf anywhere I want to go, instead of just opening pda formatted pages.

    The caching is also a big deal to me in two ways: (1) I can leave Xiino and open another app. Upon returning to Xiino, the previously viewed pages are still there like I never left. (2) I go back and forth between web pages a lot, quickly and simply. With Blazer, it was slooooow to go back to a previous page.

    So for me, I use Xiino about 95-percent of the time, Blazer about 4-percent, and the other 1-percent WebPro for some weird pages with some scripting or java issues.
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