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    Hi all,

    Here's what I'd like to accomplish. I want to leave my phone on, but so it doesn't ring until a certain time, so that nobody wakes me up. I know I can just flip the switch to silent, so I'll see who tried to call me and then switch it back.

    However, I want to set an alarm that will go off even with the ringer switch OFF. I have Butler, but I can't find an option for that. Is there a way to maybe leave the ringer ON but put the calls in some kind of "sleep mode"? Then I'd be able to set an alarm, which will go off at a specified time?

    With all these thousands of apps., hacks and cracks, there must be something like that. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!! This type of setup would be EXTREMELY useful for me!

    Thanks for any replies!!!
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    How about this....just turn the phone's radio off and leave your sound on. That way your alarm will go off, and when it does (and you wakes up) you can turn the phone back on.
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    There's no way to override the ringer switch, so you need to focus on suppressing all sounds except the alarm.

    o_town_racer's suggestion is a good one. Seems like it would fit your needs.

    If for some reason that doesn't work, CallFilter will.
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    You could use a profile program to silence the phone at night or there is a free program @ MTDN called TOO(Treo On Off) which turns the radio on or off. You could either turn your radio off at night and then have Butler launch TOO when the alarm goes off in the morning to turn it back on or you could set an alarm at night to launch TOO when you go to bed to turn it off, then again in the morning to turn it back on.
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    You could use TreoGuard, which has an option to turn the phone radio on and off. I have mine set up to turn on at 8am during the week, 11am on weekends, and off at 11:30pm every night. Then the alarms in Butler work just fine. I use my Treo as an alarm clock when I travel, and this configuration works great.

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    I use Treo Alarm to power off the radio between 11 pom and 9 am...and yes, it also wakes me up and downloads the day's weather report.
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    Phone technician has a utility the tells the phone when to ring and not.
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    I've found that KillSound is a good app. for it, too.

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