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    Just to let you all know, somehow I have been convinced to get a 700p after all. So my next project it custom roms for it. So look forward to that in the near future and as always, watch my site to stay tuned to what's going on.
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    Welcome back from the dark side : )
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    thanks a lot, Shadowmite. The 700p have a lot of programs that should have not been put in the rom. What the point in have apps in the rom if you need to update them to get them to work-----> using ram to update (ptune, Doc, and more)...

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    i guess the beta testers was no help or Palm just did no listen to them (like where i work)
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    w00t! Go Shadowmite! So is the tool going to be like the one you made for the 650?
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    Wow! He's back...welcome back & thank you..
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    wasnt a treo user during your first run... im ready for round 2
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    Maybe you could fix up the Bluetooth/USB DUN options too, including mac support.(just a suggestion)

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    thanks SM, we likev when you come out of the "shadow" because even a small "mite" of hope for us 700 users is worth having the phone afterall!!
    !! uNo.....DoS.....tReO!!
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    you be da man
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    Finally, Ive been waiting for this to happen.
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    amen! BBC, here we come (fwiw, there is a $485 bounty to get BBC working on the 700p).
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    Quote Originally Posted by crawform
    amen! BBC, here we come (fwiw, there is a $485 bounty to get BBC working on the 700p).
    What do you mean "get BBC working"? (link?)

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    Black Berry Connect (I think)
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    Quote Originally Posted by garylapointe
    What do you mean "get BBC working"? (link?)

    TC users have posted a bounty to get Blackberry Connect working on the 700p.
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    Thanks Shadow and welcome back.

    My hope is to get A2DP working.

    At either rate you rock Shadow Im psyched.
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    Awesome! My 700p is ready to be shadowmized.
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    I am psyched that Shadowmite is back and will be helping us trick out our 700p's, thanks for coming back!
    Jimmie Geddes
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    I wonder what was the magic that helped convince him to get one.
    ONE can be spelled as NEO.
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