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    Palm's CFO Andy Brown debunked the "Inventec 700p delayed" rumor today in the Palm Investor's conference.

    Check it out here:

    Hedge funds are trying to scare retail investors into selling their shares at the lowest possible price, because they need to buy millions of shares before the imminent runup in Palm's stock price.
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    Details of yesterday's post:

    If you listen to today's Palm Investor conference call, in the response to analyst questions, CFO Andy Brown comments on Palm's suppliers, saying:

    "We are in the process of diversifying that ODM base. For a couple of reasons. One, the obvious reason is that HTC is becoming more of a competitor. But, probably as big a reason, is the fact that we are now at a critical mass from a volume standpoint that, in fact, we can now start using multiple ODMs for our products, and that gives us the advantage of having these guys compete with each other for platforms. To date that has not occured. It's been principally, at least for the past two years, HTC. So, we think, it clearly should give us some additional cost synergies because of that competition."

    This confirms that it was in actuality HTC who won the bidding to be the 700p platform ODM.

    So in other words the following rumor is basically a complete fabrication, by offshore hedge funds, designed to get you to sell your shares at a cheap price:

    P.S. - Also, if you reboot the 700p with the Hotsync button depressed you will see that the ROM boot loader comes up is the familiar rainbow HTC bootloader. Well it's probably only familiar if you are a Treo hacker, and have used the ROMTOOL to update the firmware on your Treo 650. (Which is also manufactured by HTC).
    P.S.S. - Don't take my word for it. Listen to the webcast archive here:
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    Not that I disagree with your assertions, but let me guess... you're long the stock?
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    Maybe the 700p's that are around are HTC ones, and the ones Inventec are supposed to produce "in volume" has been delayed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TREOpalooza
    Not that I disagree with your assertions, but let me guess... you're long the stock?
    Haha, EXACTLY what I was thinking...

    Sprint Treo 700p

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