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    Took my Treo 650 into Sprint for various issues (had full insurance). They replaced it. I came home, modified the ROM and card still does not work. Will return the card tomorrow (I believe it is a Samsung OEM, but unable to verify).

    I am going to buy another SD Card, and would like to get a 4GB SanDisk II Ultra Plus, but they only make them to 2GB.

    Have read pros and cons on the RI-Data, Transcend, A-Data and TopRAM with Transcend coming out on top at, but RI-Data ahead here at TreoCentral.

    I have read good things about Kingston too and have had good experiences with SanDisk products.

    Any thoughts?
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    Ok, I gave Samsung 4GB OEM SD card to my future brother-in-law and it works great for his camera.

    I bought a variety of SD cards/devices to verify usage and give way to versatility.

    1) 4GB Transcend, Model TS4GSD150: Actual Memory = 4.142GB; Availalable After Format and Treo Insert = 3.85GB
    **WORKS** with Treo, SanDisk MobileMate USB 2.0 5-in-1 Reader Model SDDR-103 and Dell XPS M170 Card Slot

    2) 1GB SanDisk Mini, Model SDSDM-1024: Actual Memory = 1.015GB; Availalable After Format and Treo Insert = 0.968GB
    **WORKS** with Treo (Using the mini-adapter by SanDisk Model SDSDM-1024-A10M), SanDisk MobileMate USB 2.0 5-in-1 Reader Model SDDR-103 and Dell XPS M170 Card Slot

    3) Awaiting delivery of SanDisk 2GB Ultra II Plus

    Looks like it was the memory card after all that. Make sure you buy a known compatible model and it can save you time/money in the long run.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SymbianPalm View Post
    Why are you such a *****???? You always have to imply smart remarks. Not even the Mods do what you do and I will understand complely if there wehere to imply that. This is the reason why you have a discussion board. People like you only make forums undesirable to use if people knew they'll have to face a jerk like you.
    Thanks for having the stones to call this guy out, SP. Seems like every damn thread I read has him whinging about the search function; if he actually used it himself, he might realize that it rarely returns useful results and that asking a question is no indication that the user has not already attempted a search. A search for "custom rom treo 650," for example, yields so many results that you'd spend hours combing the results for any useful information, and anything you did find could have been made obsolete by something you overlooked or hadn't gotten to yet.
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