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    I have downloaded cclite and it works fine for my hotmail account and all my contacts. great program

    my company however uses window messenger and it shows my email as my work email address and not a .net email account. can this still work with cclite or any other IM palm based program? (i.e. verichat)

    I would like to use this as my HQ is in australian time and tey could contact me on my treo650 in real time instead of a phone call/money.

    thanks for the help.

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    it shows its on SIP communications if that helps at all.. I have no clue what that means... but it does not let me add since it is not a .net email address.. any help pls.
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    Doesn't the SIP protocol have to do with VoIP?

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    help anyone?
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    I doubt that the email address has anything to do with it. It's more likely that your company uses the IM internally, and not externally, and thus you can't use the system from your Treo. I could be wrong there.

    Don't know what cclite is, but I use Verichat. Stable (for me), doesn't get in the way, works well.

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