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    Up to about a month ago or so, I have no problem getting gmail onto my Treo through Versamail.

    The all of a sudden, my gmail messages are always 1 to 2 week behind. Today, I got the messages on 7/28 or so. I tried chatteremail but I still have the same problem. So, may be something happened on gmail that delay the sync of messages to my Treo.

    Wondering if any of you has experienced this? Thanks
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    I havent but you might change the preferences on gmail to not it, then go back in and change it to forward from now on (or POP from now on...not sure how you are sending the emails from your phone.)

    Resetting it on gmail's side might help.
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    Same thing here...anyone have any solutions or luck solving this problem??
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    Yeah, there seems to a problem with Gmail starting yesterday...
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    I have this exact same problem. I haddn't tried a new program for the treo and I'm quite disappointed to hear that doesn't work.

    I made a post about it HoFo, but no one knew what it could be.

    Someone suggested clicking "on Enable POP only for mail that arrives from now on" under pop download" to fix it, and it works, but you'd have to do it every day. It seems if other clients aren't helping with it, it's gmail's fault. Weird that it would randomly start doing this. Maybe I'll shoot them a tech support email.

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