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    Hello all,

    I am currently waiting for UPS to deilever my 700p. long story short my T3 was stolen. I have my contact and other info on my PC via the plam Desktop manager. I am wondering how could I get my contact info transfered from my PC to my treo. I don't want the new software of the 700 conflicting with the T3 software. Any ideas on how to backup the info then transfer to the treo.

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    Use the Palm Desktop to export your contacts to an archive. Also backup your entire HotSync user folder just in case (or just backup the entire Palm folder). When the 700p arrives, uninstall the old desktop/sync software and delete the existing Palm or Palmone folder. Then install the 700p software and import your contacts from the archive (you backed up the folder right?).

    You can also export/import datebook entries, todo list, and memos.

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