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    Folks - anyone have luck getting the VPN tunnel with Mergic to stay active all the time? My IT department at work has NO default timeout for drop the tunnels and I have Mergic set to always on, however, the connect drops all the time... weird!!


    Lee Ladisky
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    A little off-your-topic (sorry) but I'm wondering how you find the perfomance of the Mergic VPN. I tried it and found hotsyncing through it, with a strong EVDO signal, took *forever*. My Palm TX could hotsync lightning fast via wifi, and I knew the 700p would be slower, but through the Mergic it was basically unusable. I hate being forced to plug in to hotsync. Any thoughts or experiences with this?
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    With MovianVPN, I found that a Hotsync took about 7 minutes over EVDO.

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