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I often use public PCs and am looking for a "portable" PIM -- capable of running off a USB thumb drive without leaving data traces on the host PC -- that can sync with the data on my Treo.

Best solution would allow hotsync style synchronization. But easy import/export of data to Palm Desktop would be better than nothing.

Has anyone come across this?
I know I am 2 years late , but maybe this info might be useful to someone else.

You could try Mojopac (http://www.mojopac.com/portal/content/hellomojo.jsp), an excellent product, with a complete free versions.
You can install it on a fast flash drive, an iPOD or a 1.8"/2.5" external HD, and carry your applications and data files (such as Outlook, Palm Desktop, etc.) with you, running them on any PC without leaving traces on it.

The drawbacks are :
1. you need to be logged using an administrator account (a requirement that rules out public PCs, sorry);
2. only works on Windows XP.

My 2 cents...