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    Would anyone happen to know where I can find a solid NFL schedule for my Treo 700P? A calender version would be good.
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    Yeah I tried that and installed it and everything and it wouldn't work. On one of the pages it says they no longer do the NFL schedule. There is no way to load it onto my Treo 700P.
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    I did see these two but they want to charge for them and I have no clue if they even work.
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    They both have trial versions.
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    They both looked OK but I just decided to use my web browser if I needed to see the schedule. A few more clicks but the same results.
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    Well it's more than just football schedules but:
    Pocket Express (which is now free for News, Sports, and Weather)

    In the Sports Section you can setup to receive updated foorball schedules for both Pro and College. Gives you dates, times and stats, in detail or just summary. It's not in calendar form, just list form.

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