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    recently my SMS messages have been reapeating themselves. like sending several copies of the same message over and over. it wont say sending or anything. ill send my first message and wait for a response. then ill get the response from the other person. then ill keep getting the same response over and over again. she says the same thing is happening on her phone. she'll ask why i keep sending the same message over and over. but ill ask her the same thing and we realized it's one of our phones doing it.

    im guessing its the treo doing it because it never happened until i got a treo. anyway, has anyone else experienced this?

    its very annoying. i have to listen to this stupid chime every time the message decides to repeat itself 10 times!! oh yea, and sometimes i get the message a couple hours late. i could see if it was a couple minutes late, but i got a few messages yesterday that was sent at like 10am and i recieved it around 4:15pm. whats up with that??

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    that happened to me once. every sms that I sent to a friend was repeated twice... it just stopped after awhile. not sure what causes it. I have 700p not sure what phone my friend had.
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    i believe this is mostly a network issue. it happens to me using my treo, and also to a friend who uses a normal phone. it seems to come and go also. last wednesday i was getting every mesage three times. i mentioned this to a verizon user (i use sprint) who has a non Treo type phone, and she said the same exact thing was happening to her. it happened to be storming really bad that day. i wondered if weather could have any effect on this? it hasn't happened since that day.
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    well this first happened lets say 2 weeks ago? it stopped and then yesterday it happened again. except yesterday it was bad. the messages kept coming. i counted one of them repeated 6 times! i would get the message like every 2 minutes or something! it was a beautiful day yesterday! i dont know but at least i know im not alone...mus be the network? thanks everyone
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    It has been happening to me alot for the last week. Sometimes I get 5 or 6 of the same one! Kind of frustrating when you are writing back and it keeps downloading messages!!
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    yeah its def a network issue ( especially sprint) I got this once in a while ( last time was last thursday) called tech support ( tier 2) for sprint he said its a sprint SMS issue and it will normally go away by itself but have to agree with u, its quite annoying when it keep chiming for repeating SMS.
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    Wonder if they charge for the repeated SMS(s)?
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    Well I am sure if it is on Verizon the answer would be yes!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by NRG
    Wonder if they charge for the repeated SMS(s)?

    good question
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    It is not just a Treo issues, as stated before it is a network problem. It can happen between other carriers too. Both my PPC and my Treo have this sometimes.
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    happens on wife's A900 - it's partly a network issue. I tell her to power cycle her phone and most times it goes away. I also reset my treo when she complains about multiple messages and it goes away. I'm guessing it's mainly a handset issue that the network causes. Just a guess.
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    I just emailed my corporate Verizon guy and he confirmed that we get charged for the duplicate texts. Now that bites for someone who isn't on an unlimited plan!
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    Quote Originally Posted by celljunkie
    I just emailed my corporate Verizon guy and he confirmed that we get charged for the duplicate texts. Now that bites for someone who isn't on an unlimited plan!
    oh nah that's not fair at all!! is it our fault?! they know what they're doing!! I have unlimited but so what. not everyone does..
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    Folks. This problem is not limited to Sprint and Verizon... it happens on T-Mobile as well. I beleive the problem stems from an improperly setup SMS gateway, or carriers using gateways that are older and need to be updated. But, try telling that to a carrier rep! I wish I could find an open source sms to email gateway, I'd use it in a second and get free. sms!
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